Hero 3.0 - Semi-Hard

Hero 3.0 - Semi-Hard

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What does it take to be the best? It takes focus, determination, and hard work. It takes wanting it more than the other guy. It takes being obsessed with the smallest details.

For Hero3.0, we put every detail under the microscope to bring you the best mesh we have ever made. Our new, Repel+ Coating provides a 10x improvement to water repellency and our enhanced Innegra Core Weave adds stability, decreases weight, and reduces bagging. Add in our new Textured LTH Fibers for more feel and you have a seriously lightweight and consistent piece of mesh with that just-right kind of feel.

10x More Water Repellency

10% More Bagging Resistance

27% Lighter

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Hero is Back

Our Most consistent piece of mesh with that just-right kind of feel. A.K.A. our best mesh yet.

Innegra Core Weave

This new weave adds more Innegra fibers to the mesh's core, leading to a 10% improvement in bagging resistance. A.K.A. your pocket is going to stay the same longer.  

Repel+ Coating

Our new Repel+ Coating sheds away 10X more water. Rainy days may mean soggy socks, but at least your pocket will stay dry.  

Lighter Weight

An increase of Innegra in Hero3.0 also leads to a 27% weight reduction, making this a seriously lightweight piece of mesh.    

Textured LTH Fibers

The LTH Fibers are now textured before the mesh is made, which adds even more feel to your pocket. 

One of the most popular pockets in lacrosse, ready to go right off the shelf. You have never felt control like this. 

Key Features:

 - 10X Increased Water Repellency
 - 27% Lighter Weight
 - 10% Improved Resistance to Bagging
 - Made in the U.S.A.

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