Infinity Mesh - Complete Kit - Black
Infinity Mesh - Complete Kit - Black

Infinity Mesh - Complete Kit - Black

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This is a new era. An era where players are looking to spend less time worrying about their pocket and more time dominating. An era where creativity and aggressive play are elevating the game. An era where players and manufactures are pushing the limits.

Designed with seven different diamond shapes, Infinity Mesh uses larger diamonds in the center of the pocket to create a natural SweetSpot allowing you to have full control and total confidence.

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High Performance.
Low Maintenance.

Giving you the ability to spend less time maintaining your pocket and more time improving your game.  

Built-In SweetSpot

Our patent pending HybridWeave™ seamlessly and strategically incorporates different diamond shapes into one dynamic piece of mesh.


LTH Fibers™ are lightweight, durable, and responsive. This translates to increased feel, faster shots, and total confidence.  


LTH Fibers™ are fully weatherproof allowing your pocket to remain consistent in even the worst conditions. 

Key Features:

 - Built-In SweetSpot
 - Lightweight
 - Weatherproof
 - Made in the U.S.A.

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