Carbon 2.0
Carbon 2.0
Carbon 2.0
Carbon 2.0
Carbon 2.0
Carbon 2.0

Carbon 2.0

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We like the players who are always striving for more. Players who are never satisfied and refuse to settle. Those are the players we focused on when engineering the Carbon2.0.

Like those players, we never settle. The Carbon2.0 has improved every aspect of its predecessor. It is lighter and stronger and features our new Impact+ layup, durable texture, and long-lasting paint. This is the new standard for composite lacrosse shafts.

On our 10-point flex scale, the Carbon2.0 is a Flex5 with a uniform Kick Point, which makes it an easy transition from a standard alloy shaft.

Customers Also Bought:

Impact+ Layup 

Our Impact+ Layup adds durability to the Carbon2.0 where you need it most, so you can feel more confident than ever.  

Long Lasting Paint & Texture 

We have re-engineered our paint and texture and refined the application process, so your shaft will feel and look better for longer.  

Sleek & Clean 

We have always believed your game should do the talking, so we kept the Carbon2.0 cleaner than any other shaft in our lineup. 

Optimized Shape 

Our new, signature shape tweeks the standard concave shape to provide unmatched feel and control, while adding stability.  

Key Features:

- Flex5 on our 10-point scale
- Uniform Kick-point
- Weighs ≈ 154g

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