2022 NCAA Pick'em Week 5: Wild Weekend!

Another wild weekend of NCAA Lacrosse in the books! I think if we have learned anything this far, it's that Maryland and UVA are clear title contenders than there is everyone else haha. It seems to me that MD and UVA are not only talented, but they are also deep! I can easily see both teams making deep runs come May as long as both can stay healthy

Weekend Recap

- Jacksonville with another HUGE win taking down Denver

- Rutgers forgot their uniforms and still found a way to beat Loyola by a goal on the road

- Penn State upsets Yale.

- Long Island U with a big time win for their program beating Hofstra.

Lets take a look and see how our who the Top 5 players are at this point in our Pick'em season

Joe O'C: 104

Colin Wagner: 103

Jeffrey Strazzere: 102

Charles Roe: 102

Riley Bissett: 102



Looks like we are going to get some solid mid week action starting Tuesday night! Duke is taking on High Point for some mid week action. Followed by a Wednesday afternoon battle between Army and Syracuse.

Moving into the weekend, here are some games to watch:


#4 Notre Dame vs #1 Maryland 1pm

#2 UVA vs #13 Hopkins

#12 Cornell vs #8 Ohio State

#10 North Carolina vs #15 Denver

The Top 20 game that I am most interested in watching will be #16 Michigan vs #17 Delaware. Michigan is coming into the game 5-0 and this will be their first big test of the season.

Thanks to everyone for playing and good luck this weekend!

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