Located in Towson, MD, we are a manufacturer of high quality lacrosse equipment, designed with and for the games' most elite players. Our focus is to advance the sport of lacrosse through passion education and innovation.

ECD Lacrosse was formed in 2011 when twin brothers, Mike and Greg Kenneally saw an opportunity in the lacrosse mesh market. Fast forward to today and we have grown from a two man company operating in the basement of Greg's house, to a 30+ employee company in a 21,000 sq. ft. warehouse. Our elite products include men's and women's mesh, men's and women's shafts,  men's and women's heads, and a high-performance lacrosse ball.

Our motto of Hard Work Pays Off is embodied by the entire company and serves as a daily reminder that when you do the right things day after day, amazing results will follow.

"Our Mission is To Advance the Sport of Lacrosse Through Passion, Education, & Innovation."