Dog Food Cereal | Punishment Picks Ep. 4

The bye week blues had the Punishment Picks cast thinking! Lets play a game of corners and loser has to eat dog food like cereal!! Than we will make our picks for the week 3 games! Great idea!!! Kevin even thought it was a hilarious idea at the time..........

Than came the corners game.

After only hitting 1 pipe for 1 point, he knew he was doomed. He took his punishment like a champ and poured himself a nice bowl of Iams dog food and filled that bad boy up with milk. 

This week will be interesting though, loser has to wax their pits!! The loser could be decided early on Saturday. Seems like I'm the only one picking Whips and the Chaos to take the first 2 games of the weekend. After those two games, the crew was pretty split till Sunday's match up. Everyone is taking the Whips!


If you make your way to Homewood this weekend for the PLL, stop by the RV in the Premier Zone and say "Hi" to the crew! This will be the first PLL event we have been to since 2019!!!!

Cant wait to see everyone there!!


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