FREE ECD CUSTOM! College Lacrosse Pick’Em Week 10

That's right, this week we are giving a way a free custom strung ECD head!!! All you have to do is play a long and win this weeks NCAA Pick'em! If this is your first week playing, here is what you could have won up until this poing. A Mirage 2, DNA Ryan Drenner Replica, Signature textured MLL Balls, STX Cell 5 Gloves, and not to mention the all the Carbon MTX Drew won last week! The prizes are only getting better in our eyes!

Now, lets talk NCAA Lax! How about that Thursday night game! What more can you ask for from 2 ACC foes! Back and forth action all night, Sowers was putting Cuse defenseman on skates all night, and Chase Skanlan may have scored the backhand goal of the season, but in all honesty, I'm forward to this Thursday nights battle! UNC vs. Duke! Can the Blue Devils slow down the high powered Tar Heel offense?? Who is going to slow down Sowers? Can someone lock down Brennan O'neill off ball? These are all questions that need answers!

I'll put it like this, Carolina's defense slows down the Dukies but I don't think the Dukies can slow down Gray, Perry, Cook, Kelly, Solomon, Anderson, and the rest of the Tar Heel Offense! To put it simple. Heels by at least 4.

Switching gears to the Big 10, or I guess at this point is it the Big 1? Can anyone in that league slow down the Terps? Doesn't look like it it to this point! It really looks like the it's theTerps and the ACC. Could we have a rematch of one of the greatest championships of all time? The 2016 UNC vs. Maryland OT Thriller!?! Only time will tell!

Last but certainly not least, if you haven't designed your favorite ECD Head yet, what are you waiting for!! Especially if you are playing NCAA Pick'em this week. Go ahead and click the link and start designing your prize!



  • Henry

    I love the brand.

  • Coley

    Can you guys post the standings, we can’t see them for this week. Thanks!

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