Greg Checks Out The New Tank 2.0

Maverik's latest update to their defensive flagship is here and as always I am here to let you know what to expect.

Weight: Coming in at 5.7oz on our scale the Tank 2 is relatively light for a defensive head and did manage to shave some weight from the original Tank.

Face Shape: The Tank 2.0 features a "classic" defensive face shape that has less pinch and flare than some other heads. This shape lends itself more to knocking down passed and ground balls than ball handling.

Stringing: This head strung up with a decent pocket. The face shape does not lend itself to a particularly tight channel with a lot of hold. It has a "high pocket" bottom rail but the wide face shape does not allow for ideal use of the pocket placement.

Stiffness: This head is very stiff. It has 6 rails and looks like it would do some damage on attackmen's arms.

Overall its a great update to the original and a very useful addition to Maverik's 2.0 generation of heads.

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