The Carbon MTX is here!

It is finally here, release day. After months, sometimes over a year, of hard work behind the scenes we finally get to share the finished product with all of you. 

The idea for the Carbon MTX was born out of the success of the LTX product. Players looking for an ultralight weight shaft loved the tech and performance of the LTX and we wanted to create a shaft to offer those benefits to a wider range of players. The Carbon MTX uses the same textreme technology for an optimal strength to weight ratio and is beefed up and ultra strong for middies and SSDM’s. You’ll see the MTX in the hands of some of the PLL‘s best middies including Bryan Costabile this


Here is a quick info hit on the Carbon MTX:

  • $154.99 for a 30” in exposed Textreme black/carbon only
  • Ultra stiff Flex1 rating
  • Around 155 gram weight
  • Built for physical middies and attack-men
  • Hassle free warranty 

It is available everywhere in stores and online today so check it out and feel free to hit us up with any questions. You can contact us or send us a DM on Instagram (@ecdlax).

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  • hayden glennie

    Hi my name is hayden and i am looking for a good and light shaft and i found this one and i was wondering if the carbon MTX is open on the inside because if it is not my head will not fit on it.

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