The Mirage 2.0 is Here.

     Release day in the ECD HQ is always my favorite. Everyone is running around answering questions and packing shipments full of excitement about the new launch.

     Today is an extra special release day. Four years ago we launched our first head ever, the OG Mirage. It was a statement to the lacrosse industry that we could do more than mesh and shafts. Since then we have released some of the best performing and best selling heads and learned a lot along the way. We put all of that knowledge into revamping the all new Mirage 2.0 from the ground up. We kept everything people loved from the OG including the lightweight and pinched face shape. We also made improvements where you told us they were needed. It features an all new scoop, an ergonomic throat, new styling, and much improved stiffness.

     So, thank you for all of your support of our heads over the last four years. Take a second to play around in our new customizer and make sure to check out the Bryan Costabile Mirage 2.0 replica.

Thank you,

Greg Kenneally

Founder & President

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