UPSET ALERT! ECD Pick'em Week 3!

Welcome to ECD Pick'em week 3. Remember to make your picks here every Monday all season long for a chance to win some pretty sweet ECD Prizes.

We are coming off the first full weekend of college lacrosse including some top 5 matchups, and man does it feel good to be back! Duke booked two wins over Denver and RMU while ACC rival, UNC, beat Denver into submission putting up 24 goals in the process. This leaves previously #5 ranked Denver at 1-2 with only a narrow win over Utah. It will be interesting to see how this effects their rankings this week.

If you only looked at the first quarters of Towson vs UVA and RMU vs Duke games, it looked like we were going to have our first upsets of the year. Both underdogs doubled up their top ranks opponents but would both eventually fall after losing momentum in the back half of the game.

I picked 5/6 correct last week but big shout-out to our very own Brian Schaaf for going 100% so far this season. Looking at week 3 we have a ton of teams playing their first games including Delaware, Army, Villanova, Loyola, & More. Check out the video below for my picks this week.

Luckily for us there are some games to watch live this week!

  • Wednesday @ noon est: Bellarmine at Jacksonville on ESPN+
  • Saturday @ noon est: RMU vs HPU on ESPN+
  • Saturday @ noon est: Army vs UMASS on LaxSportsNet
  • Saturday @ 1pm est: Loyola vs Richmond on ESPN+
  • Saturday @ 6pm est: UNC vs Jacksonville on ACCN

Make your picks:


  • Jack

    High point winning it all this season

  • Tate Craig

    Show me the 💸

  • Parker Sanches


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