Which ECD head is right for you?

Last month's Mirage 2.0 release was an extremely exciting for our company. It brings us to five unstrung men's heads available from ECD. There are a lot of options out there and it is sometimes hard to tell which is right for you. So, here is a quick breakdown to help you decide between our heads!

Mirage 2.0 - This is designed for attackman and offensive midfielders. It has a tighter face shape and higher pinch and is one of our lightest heads. Bryan Costabile used it all summer in the PLL and loved it. 

DNA - This is our most versatile head and has been used in the PLL at almost every field position. What makes it different is our FlexForm plastic, which is extremely durable and virtually eliminates warping. However, it is heavier. So, we recommend this head for midfielders and LSM but it can also be used at Close D for players that like a more pinched head and can't stand warping.

Weapon X - We designed this head with faceoff great, Greg Gurenlian. He is widely known for revolutionizing the position and was integral in the development of this head. However, it is not just for FOGO's. The Flexform plastic and slightly stiffer profile make it great for players that faceoff and stay on to play offense and defense.

Rebel Offense - Since it's release the Rebel Offense has been a consistent choice for many of the top players and it was even the most popular head in the PLL notching more goals than any other head. It is great for attackman and offensive & two-way middies.

Rebel Defense - This bad boy is a beast. It is super stiff and has a wider scoop for easier GB's and knocking down passes. It is our go to for close D and would be great for LSM or short stick Dmid as well.

Check out this video for a full breakdown:

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    Best heads in the game

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