Bravo1 Shaft
Bravo1 Shaft
Bravo1 Shaft
Bravo1 Shaft

Bravo1 Shaft

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Made with a blend of Aluminum, Copper, Magnesium, Zinc, and Zirconium, this 7050 alloy shaft was built for success. Recommended for any player who loves the feel of an alloy shaft and all faceoff athletes.

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Growing the Game

The Bravo1 ELITE Setup is high-end performance at a budget-friendly price, making it easier that ever for players to have a great first stick.  

Supporting our Troops

Each purchase helps put a stick in the hands of our Veterans and active duty military.

Well-Rounded Head

Features a rounded scoop, stiff construction, and a perfect faceshape for full-field performance.  

Pocket Fit for the Pros

Strung by our ELITE Stringers with the same care and precision used to string sticks for the world's top players. 

Light Meets Strong

Made with a high-quality 7050 alloy, the Bravo1 shaft is built for the modern game.   

Bravo1 Head

The Bravo1 head is available unstrung for $69.99. 

Key Features:

 - Budget-friendly ELITE Setup
 - Stiff and Versatile Head
 - ELITE Strung HeroMesh Pocket
 - High-Quality 7050 Alloy Shaft

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